Wednesday, August 20, 2008

FiRsT FaMiLy TrIp!!

This past weekend, August 15-17, we went on our first family trip!!! It was so much fun!!!!! Hudson didn't sleep a wink! He was the best baby EVER! (ok, maybe i brag, too much...but that's what us mom's do, right?) ANYWAY, We went to Dallas for our first little get away. On the way in, we stopped at Bass Pro Shops. It's the one that is on the lake. From the very first sight of it, Huddy was all wiggles. HE was pointing and grunting at everything. The fish in the pond at the entrance, the deer when you first walk in, the waterfalls, the fish in the tank, the tutles, the bears, the lake view out the 100 ft window!! He LOVED every minute of it!!
We also went to Rainforset Cafe in Grapevine, WHICH was awesome. He loved all the animals, Elephants, gorillas, aligators, snakes, fish,... He like to look at them from far away, but NO WAY was he going to touch anything!! NO NO NO!!
Saturday night we went to a Texas Rangers game. The very first pitch of the game was a home run, fireworks, music, the whole bit...buuut...sadly, not another hit after that--or atleast while we lasted. Hudson had a good time, BUT passed out about mid game... SOOO, i decided it was time to leave!!
We also visited the zoo, and of course, more animals and more baby fuN!!
Needless to say, hudson learned many many MANY new animal noises! Justin and i had the time of out life and we cant wait for our next trip...hopefully it will be in Destin!!

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Cookie said...

I love it! Cant wait to read all of the posts and see LOTS of pictures!