Saturday, August 29, 2009

Friday, April 24, 2009

Logan Came to Play!

Logan and Hudson Jumping on the bed!! Silly kids! They were hyper and glad to be playing together!

running from Daddy after he sprayed him with his water!

"miiile" Saying smile when I tell him lets look at a picture. Then after the camera flashes he says.. "awww cute. I wanna see"

"Momma, I clean tree!!" hahaha!

"Look I clean MORE tree, momma!"

he wants to clean EVERYTHING... pretty sure he just likes the water bottle!

New HairDO

Just playing around. He's fun! :)

...and finally there are pictures!!

(I'm not the best at uploading pictures in the order that I want them to go. ... grrr... but... here they are! but out of order.)

Theeeeese pictures are a result of Daddy leaving M&M's within reaching distance on the counter. The entire bag gets pulled off and Crusher eats them off the floor! ha

Hey everyone! Well, I have GREAT news!! Hudson has been sleeping in HIS bed ALL night!!! He has been sleeping with us for who knows how long and I finally got the will power to not let his sad little tears turn me to mush.

So, the first night was NOT easy to say the least! He cried and screamed and I DID give in the first night i tried. He then told me that he was "cared (scared) of monsters". and he wanted to "nuggle (snuggle) with mama. " I felt so sorry for him that he slept with me that night.

(for those that don't know Justin works swing shift every night so it's just me and Hudson at night and I get NO help trying to get him to go to his bed. Honestly, i too like to snuggle before bed.--can't blame him)

The next night I wanted to try I did. I told him all the monsters went home to sleep in their beds! He went to the closet said... "are they in there?" and then went on under the bed, behind the curtains and behind his door. He still wasn't satisfied with sleeping alone in his bed but FIFI to the rescue!!! Our little pup and him are best buddies and they love each other dearly. So when she jumped in the bed it was awesome!! He rolled over and snuggled with her and closed his eyes and was out within 15 minutes and slept the WHOLE night!!!!!!!! :):)

just a little story to get y'all through until the next time chatter box comes up with something funny...wait...that's every conversation. Yes, conversation, this child blows me away with his vocabulary and understanding. Maybe it's just a proud momma talking, buttt I sure think he is the smartest, most handsome, bestest baby boy evvverr!! I LOVE HIM!!

Pictures of Easter:


annnnd theeeeese pictures are a result of Daddy leaving M&M's within reaching distance on the counter. The entire bag gets pulled off and Crusher eats them off the floor! ha

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Easter update...

Well, it sure was a bummer of an Easter at the Easley's this year. It was thunder storming when we woke up with 60 mph winds. We didn't make it to church and I didn't make it into my Easter outfit. :( I was super excited about it too which led to a great disappointment!

Hudson surrre looked cute. I did dress him up to TRY and get some pictures... He was cranky from lack of sleep the night before and wasn't a good participant in Easter egg hunting in the house.

He wore a light weight, classic, linen blazer in a stone color with button detailed cuffs and a classic collar. (I am totally in love with this blazer) Under the blazer was a yellow linen oxford shirt with a chocolate brown tie that had polka dots the size of the end of a pen. Jeans on the bottom and Sperry shoes. I will post his pictures asap! (What pictures I got)

Have a happy Wednesday everyone!!!

Monday, April 6, 2009

This is the last I talk about it...

I didn't get a chance to really talk about the Fishing trip! Hudson did have a ball!!! and was soooo good! He "fed the fish" with corn- pretty much just throwing corn in the water and he thought he was doing something great! He was talking the entire time..."what is that mommy?" "where on the boat?" "did you get a fish, mommy?" "THAT'S A BUUUUG!!!" "THAT'S A FROOOG!" "I WANNA SEE THE COWS!" "I WANNA GO FAST!" pretty much talk talk talk talk talk...
I gotta say too... he didn't fuss at all about the bulky life jacket he had to wear. He seemed to like it almost..? who knows! I'm just glad he is getting old enough to do the fun things now!

I can't wait for Easter! I FINALLY found him something to wear. There is a serious drought in little boy clothes. Children's Place is the only place that has anything... and EVERY kid in town will be wearing the same thing. Anyone know of a great place to get clothes that are hip?

Sunday, April 5, 2009


He looks like such a big boy in this picture!-- well, really all of them!

He liked sitting with Momma!

He was such a good boy!! :) ready to go go go!

I'm ready to fish momma!! (I see London. I see France... I see daddy's underpants! haha)

sitting in the boat with daddy!

he had too much fun!!

Friday, April 3, 2009


This has pretty much been the longest week EVER... i don't know why but it has dragged on and on and on.

this Saturday is supposed to be beautiful weather so we have decided to take Hudson on his first fishing trip! :)
He has been talking about it all week and getting excited. I will post pictures and I'm sure there will be lots to tell!

Have a happy FRIDAY!! :)

Thursday, April 2, 2009

That was fast!!

i found my camera!!!!!!!! it's exactly like my last Canon PowerShot but it's better because it's blueeee! and now i can actually use my digital photo frame! The Olympus used an XD card and wouldn't fit in the photo frame. This one uses SD. this will also make it easier to load pictures!! :) yay for me!

pictures of Hudson: COMING SOON!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Calling all bloggers! Calling all bloggers!

anyone know of a good camera to buy? that's not TOO costly. I have spent too much on the last two camera's for them to get lost and broken. I really liked my canon powershot but they don't have the one I had anymore. anyone got a great camera they can't live without? I would like one without the delay that my last one had. "point and shoot" i think is what it is called. I hate having to take a million pictures to finally get one that's not the top of Hudson's head, or the side of his face or him running away.

OH and i have been keeping up with hudson through a written journal. i plan on writing here again soon. i just gotta find the time...

he is growing fast and furrious! changing every day and talking SO MUCH! He really surprises me how quickly he changes and grows up.

more to come... maybe tonight?


Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Oh, The Glory Days!!

I'm referring to the terrible two's!!! They have been hanging around for the past couple of months. I have a good feeling they have put up a tent and are going to be hanging around for a while! Hudson is a complete mess!!!! The bad part is, my love for him gets in the way of the logic side of me and lets him get away with entirely too much! Between it all... he is ADORABLE!!!

Some of the things he is talking to me about these days:

STILL talking about shooting the Coyote's in the dinning room. Mimi and Papa got him a NEW pow pow for Valentines day! Which he loves and wants to shoot all the time. The only problem with that is, you have to pull a lever to get it to shoot, which he is not strong enough to do alone. So...who does he ask 1 million times a day to "help"? MOMMAA!!! :) but for ever million time I do "help" he says "kanks!" or "kank youu!". So is it worth it? You bet!! Thanks Mimi and Pappa!!

He also whispers.."Mommy, I wanna shoot da deer! C'mon mommy!" OR he will YELL!!! "I'm gonna shoot da Coyote!!" as he opens his mouth REALLY wide and aims and SHOOTS!!! He got it all right! AHH the victory!

I believe I have told EVERYONE about Huddy wanting to "nuggle" (snuggle)... Well, the other night KK (Kaysi) came over and asked if he wanted to nuggle with HER! and he told her..."NO! I wanna nuggle with mommy!" as he ran and jumped in my lap! AHHHHH My heart totally melted!! I LOVE that baby!!! In case you couldn't tell yet...Now you know! ha! ;o)

Hudson got a basketball goal for Christmas which is in his bedroom because it hasn't been warm enough, yet, outside to play. (it's just the small toddler one) We play pretty often, because he loves it, and he is getting pretty good!! :) i should video it so everyone can see! He tries so hard to aim for the basket and when he doesn't make it... he will say "I MISS!!" "I'll get it!" and when he makes it... he acts as if he made a 3 during the national championships! My little point guard in the making.. Point guard because i dunno if my little shrimp will have much height!

We will find out about his height March 5th! You're supposed to double their height at the age of two and that's how tall they are going to be...or,at least, that's what they say! and my BABY will be two?!?!?!? Where HAS the time gone? Gosh... I could cry right now thinking of how fast time goes. Any tips or tricks on how to make it SLOW down?

The Glory days are here!!!!!!

Hudson continues to amaze me with his sentences!! I can't believe what all he can say! he is starting to identify Blue and Red and other colors. counting to 10 (with just a little help). he can draw a circle and tell me he did it!!

There is too much to talk about!! I will try and report back with more stories!

I Hope everyone is as blessed as me! LOVE!!

Thursday, January 29, 2009

I Hiddden!!!!!

"Mommy!! I hide!!"

" Where'd he go?"

Everything is what hudson said as he did each pose! he's funny, eh?!

<3 Pure Love <3

Wellpp... it's official... I'm totally crazy in love with Hudson. He is the funniest little buddy I've ever met! How he is talking in complete sentences is WILD! Last night he came to me and said.. Momma, UH OH momma!!! UH OH! C'mon mommmmma! he then took me to his room where he had pushed over his Ficus tree in his room and pulled all the mossy stuff out of the bottom of the basket. when i arrived on the scene.. he started laughing really hard and jumping around thinking he had done something really funny. Annnnnd.. he was right! How could it NOT be funny when my little monkey had pushed his tree over and was jumping around laughing about it! He is such a hoot! Did I mention all this was done within a 5 minute time span? Which adds to the humor.

So, i would like to go on and on about alllllll the cute, little things that he does but i dont wanna sound like a total nerd and that's all I have to talk about...

who am i kidding? that IS all i have to talk about. PLUS this blog is all about huddy, right? there's room for one more little story..

Hudson asked me "where's my pow pow?" he said it a few times while we were looking for it..then he stops and looks at me and said "CYOSET!!!!" and went running to the hall closet! "Innear!!!" (In there) he remember, i suppose his dad put it in there- because i sure didn't) He was right...on top of the puzzels, there was his pow pow (i'm sure you know he means his gun) He doesn't forget much! smart as a whip..i would say sooo!!

I love my little budy!

Monday, January 26, 2009

Camping in January.. It can happen!

This weekend was awesome!! Friday started as date night which was LONG over due!! We enjoyed each other and had a lot of good ole fashioned fun! But come Saturday we were READY for our baby boy!

We got Hud from Mimi and poppa's house and piddled around town for about an hour... then it was nap time. but after nap we bundled Hudson up and let him go slide because he has been so full of energy lately we thought we would spend it at the park on Jefferson. when we got there he immediately took off..He ran EVERYWHERE from the time we got there to time to leave!!! screaming all the way back to the car. It's so hard to take him anywhere FUN because he throws SUCH a fit when it's time to leave.

SO we had to pursued the little guy to leave by promising candy. (probably not the best idea but it was the only thing to keep from making a spectacle of the ourselves at the park) We got Candy (because he doesn't forget a thing and would have asked for it later), marshmallows, and hot dogs... Campfire food..because we decided to make a fire and put his tent out in the living room. Our little mini camp! This was all Justin's precious idea! Hudson LOOOOOOVED it! We roasted marshmallows and hot dogs and played in the tent he got from Santa! Justin played with Hudson as if he was the same AGE as Hudson. The whole time i was thinkin...why do i need another child for Hudson to play with when he has his daddy!?

Hudson found his toy gun and Justin thought it would be a good idea to pretend there were coyotes in the dinning room... so... Hudson would run and hide his face in my lap and yell "I scared!" whenever Justin would yell..."There's one...GET IT BOY!!" Hudson would "shoot at them" through the tent window when he was feeling brave! It's was a classic case of Justin being a fun daddy! Hudson enjoyed it completely and passed out in his tent at 9:30!!

Justin said a few times.. This is Momma's kinda camping! I quickly said..I have..whats the word.."roughed it a few times in my days" haha

Caming in the living room...thats momma's kinda camping!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Well, I started a little side job last week..'s a full time temp. job. UGH! BUT i get to work right along with Papa! (My dad) It's terrible having to be away from Hudson and Justin. I NEVER see Justin because he works swing shift and i work during the day. Justin keeps Hudson during the day then there is only a couple hours that Nana watches him until I get home. i have to remind myself.. IT'S ONLY FOR 6 WEEKS! I can do anything for 6 weeks....maybe not anything.. but this.. i can do! Just in time for Cooper to pick back up!

anyway...on to something haaappppy!! HUDSON! this boy is so cute. His new thing at night is to tell me he wants to "nuggle" meaning Snuggle!! awe. i just melt every time he says it then curls up next to me! You wouldn't believe the bliss!! it's lonely without daddy around, but it sure is awesome to have bonding time with Hudson. I'll post some pictures of last night soon. he was running around without his diaper (I LOVE IT) and i said "WOW LOOK AT THAT BELLY! and he started pooching it out! ha ha then laughing while putting his hands on his knees! He is getting to be so grown up! His expressions and things are becoming more 2-year-old-ish. No longer baby-ish! even his face is a toddler face. he has lost the baby baby face. (does that make since?)

More later... and pictures too!!! within a few days! promise