Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Oh, The Glory Days!!

I'm referring to the terrible two's!!! They have been hanging around for the past couple of months. I have a good feeling they have put up a tent and are going to be hanging around for a while! Hudson is a complete mess!!!! The bad part is, my love for him gets in the way of the logic side of me and lets him get away with entirely too much! Between it all... he is ADORABLE!!!

Some of the things he is talking to me about these days:

STILL talking about shooting the Coyote's in the dinning room. Mimi and Papa got him a NEW pow pow for Valentines day! Which he loves and wants to shoot all the time. The only problem with that is, you have to pull a lever to get it to shoot, which he is not strong enough to do alone. So...who does he ask 1 million times a day to "help"? MOMMAA!!! :) but for ever million time I do "help" he says "kanks!" or "kank youu!". So is it worth it? You bet!! Thanks Mimi and Pappa!!

He also whispers.."Mommy, I wanna shoot da deer! C'mon mommy!" OR he will YELL!!! "I'm gonna shoot da Coyote!!" as he opens his mouth REALLY wide and aims and SHOOTS!!! He got it all right! AHH the victory!

I believe I have told EVERYONE about Huddy wanting to "nuggle" (snuggle)... Well, the other night KK (Kaysi) came over and asked if he wanted to nuggle with HER! and he told her..."NO! I wanna nuggle with mommy!" as he ran and jumped in my lap! AHHHHH My heart totally melted!! I LOVE that baby!!! In case you couldn't tell yet...Now you know! ha! ;o)

Hudson got a basketball goal for Christmas which is in his bedroom because it hasn't been warm enough, yet, outside to play. (it's just the small toddler one) We play pretty often, because he loves it, and he is getting pretty good!! :) i should video it so everyone can see! He tries so hard to aim for the basket and when he doesn't make it... he will say "I MISS!!" "I'll get it!" and when he makes it... he acts as if he made a 3 during the national championships! My little point guard in the making.. Point guard because i dunno if my little shrimp will have much height!

We will find out about his height March 5th! You're supposed to double their height at the age of two and that's how tall they are going to be...or,at least, that's what they say! and my BABY will be two?!?!?!? Where HAS the time gone? Gosh... I could cry right now thinking of how fast time goes. Any tips or tricks on how to make it SLOW down?

The Glory days are here!!!!!!

Hudson continues to amaze me with his sentences!! I can't believe what all he can say! he is starting to identify Blue and Red and other colors. counting to 10 (with just a little help). he can draw a circle and tell me he did it!!

There is too much to talk about!! I will try and report back with more stories!

I Hope everyone is as blessed as me! LOVE!!


Mimi said...

Yep that baby is busy, busy, busy...and I wonder where he gets that. Haha!! Hyper mimi and mama!!
Love the stories...of course I don't miss much so I hope everyone else is enjoying them!

Cookie said...

awww cute stories!