Friday, July 22, 2011

Rolling In the Deep

Possibly my new favorite song!!!! London's as well. She grooves every time it come on!!!!  Anywhoooo.. Her voice, the beat, the words (how they slap that man in the face) SOOO great!

ALSO. I'm rolling in the deep in blogs! What is up with me not knowing how WONDERFUL the world of decorator blogs could be! It's like a Modern Magazine! Everything you could ever ask for at your fingertips and without a monthly subscription! NOT to mention they are ever changing. MORE than a Magazine could ever do! AAAHHH! I could look for hours. I get the saying " kids could go hungry, dinners get burnt, clothes piled high as mountains, and bills go unpaid! They are truly addicting! So, I'm totally inspired to take pictures of everything that I do and change so that everyone can see what I'm doing and tell me what to change, how to make it look better, or if you wanna do the same thing! I got a great chandelier for $20 bucks from a friend and I'm going to repaint it, since it is BRIGHT GOLD! I am thinking it should be Oil-Rubbed Bronze because it is soooo popular and "safe". buuuut my heart is set on it being turquoise! I love turquoise! If i paint my kitchen/breakfast area a light shade of gray I think it would be a perfect pop of color. a focal point. BUTTT... I dont even know if it will look good IN the Breakfast area. Might be a little too large. Maybe it would look better in my bedroom? Then i would definitely want it turquoise! I'm not scared of my bedroom being funky!  so.. IF IT FIT IN THE BREAKFAST AREA... what color? go for the turquoise or Oil Rubbed Bronze?

Rolling in the deep..with SUGAR! I wanna stop sugar all together and really grains (which turn to sugar) grains for a while until I get to my goal weight..I also wanna keep up with a little Diet Diary! Maybe get some others on here to keep me accountable for the weight loss. I still haven't decided. I'm pretty private about things like that but maybe going public will be just the ticket to a successful weight loss story? Still thinking about that one... we shall see. I need to decide on a real diet, goal weight, and time frame.

This picture is the reason I want to lose weight! HATE it!


London started walking... JUST took her first steps on the day of her birthday party! Exhaustion + Daddy encouraging her to walk on the grass made her take her very first steps! It wasn't until about a month later that she started walking all by herself! One day she decided it was easier to walk to her toys at Mimi's house than it was to crawl. (Maybe her knees were a little bruised, too! Concrete floors have gotta hurt!) We had so much fun at the little Cupcakes birthday party!!! :) It turned out exactly how I wanted it! She was so excited about her presents, cake and friends! I will say I was so excited to giver her that big pink car and she was JUST as happy to get it! still loving it!

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Super-Mario-Spiderman and Luigi

In this fun, busy life of a stay at home mom of a 4 year old and 10 month old, I'm always trying to keep them entertained!! Mainly, Hudson entertained. (Sometimes it's a HUGE challenge) For the most part he is great at make-believe,and  playing with his toys! This week he has found his Halloween costume and has been Spiderman EVERY day! He wakes up takes off his P.J.'s and puts on his costume and jumps from couch to couch believing he really is Spiderman! He truly believe that HE IS SPIDERMAN! Which, I LOOOOOOVE and enjoy to the moon!

I found an eyeliner pencil, in the couch cushion, that was old and... like a dork I doodled on my wrist...My spiderman LOVED this idea! He wanted me to draw on him... SO I did! He wanted a mustache like Mario and Luigi! THEN He wanted me to draw on London. SO I did!! Probably NOT the best idea because No telling when or what they will draw on their faces with next, but it made them happy for the time being and I got some really good laughs out of it!

I wish I would have taken pictures of my "Super-Mario-Spiderman" shaving in the bathroom. The moment to moment life of a four year old, leads to change of heart. and 15 minutes later he decided he wanted it off. Unbenounced to me, of course. It was time for it to come of, or so he thought, and he was sitting in his bathroom sink...stripped of the spiderman attire and in his undies with his "pretend" shaving cream and razor and was trying to shave it off!!!! I was laughing too hard to rememeber the camera! What a Kodak moment it was though!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

I did it! Do you think I've gone too far?

Obviously I figured it out! It didn't take much just time to play and play keep searching for the goodness that the Internet provides!!! YAY!!!! ON TO THE NEXT Project!

The Easter BUNNY came! :) annnnnd Hudson has on a Shark glove?!!

After Church!

This is all I have time for right now! BUT I plan to do an entire post of pictures from Easter! ANNND all of the little pictures I take on random days!

These are more questions about the blog world:

  • Does BLOGGER let you download more than one picture at a time?

  • Do I have to download the pictures backwards in the order that I want them to appear? Because I downloaded these and I had to move them all around and set the words different even re-typing?

  • Is that just something I have to get used to? or is there an easier way that I don't know about?

Is there a tutorial on YouTube on "How To Blog"?

I'm pretty sure that I have had a POST named "I'm Back" a few times! BUUUT I hope to be back for good! Now, with two babies I realllllllllly wanna keep track of them and the funny things they do, say and how fast they grow! Back to my BLOG seems like the best way.. BUT I'm gonna need a little help from you blog world girls!

HOW do you have such CUTE blogs! It seems I cant get my background to change to the background I want. AND I changed my name! It's obviously NOT all about Huddy anymore since London came along! SOOOO, I thought I would make the BLOG about ME and the little people in my life!!

SOOO my questions are these:

How do I get a cute background?
How do i get my header different too?
Is there a tutorial on YouTube on how to blog?

I'm so excited to find all my facebook friends that have blogs! and I can't wait to share my babies and their cute personalities with my friends! :)

*My "add picture" button wont open. I was going to leave you with pictures buuuutttt as always I can't get it to do what I want. AM I missing something? I'm REALLY not this stupid, or am I?