Saturday, May 21, 2011

Super-Mario-Spiderman and Luigi

In this fun, busy life of a stay at home mom of a 4 year old and 10 month old, I'm always trying to keep them entertained!! Mainly, Hudson entertained. (Sometimes it's a HUGE challenge) For the most part he is great at make-believe,and  playing with his toys! This week he has found his Halloween costume and has been Spiderman EVERY day! He wakes up takes off his P.J.'s and puts on his costume and jumps from couch to couch believing he really is Spiderman! He truly believe that HE IS SPIDERMAN! Which, I LOOOOOOVE and enjoy to the moon!

I found an eyeliner pencil, in the couch cushion, that was old and... like a dork I doodled on my wrist...My spiderman LOVED this idea! He wanted me to draw on him... SO I did! He wanted a mustache like Mario and Luigi! THEN He wanted me to draw on London. SO I did!! Probably NOT the best idea because No telling when or what they will draw on their faces with next, but it made them happy for the time being and I got some really good laughs out of it!

I wish I would have taken pictures of my "Super-Mario-Spiderman" shaving in the bathroom. The moment to moment life of a four year old, leads to change of heart. and 15 minutes later he decided he wanted it off. Unbenounced to me, of course. It was time for it to come of, or so he thought, and he was sitting in his bathroom sink...stripped of the spiderman attire and in his undies with his "pretend" shaving cream and razor and was trying to shave it off!!!! I was laughing too hard to rememeber the camera! What a Kodak moment it was though!

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Lisa said...

The moustaches total crack me up! These kids are soooo dang funny. And that look London is giving what the heck momma!