Thursday, May 5, 2011

Is there a tutorial on YouTube on "How To Blog"?

I'm pretty sure that I have had a POST named "I'm Back" a few times! BUUUT I hope to be back for good! Now, with two babies I realllllllllly wanna keep track of them and the funny things they do, say and how fast they grow! Back to my BLOG seems like the best way.. BUT I'm gonna need a little help from you blog world girls!

HOW do you have such CUTE blogs! It seems I cant get my background to change to the background I want. AND I changed my name! It's obviously NOT all about Huddy anymore since London came along! SOOOO, I thought I would make the BLOG about ME and the little people in my life!!

SOOO my questions are these:

How do I get a cute background?
How do i get my header different too?
Is there a tutorial on YouTube on how to blog?

I'm so excited to find all my facebook friends that have blogs! and I can't wait to share my babies and their cute personalities with my friends! :)

*My "add picture" button wont open. I was going to leave you with pictures buuuutttt as always I can't get it to do what I want. AM I missing something? I'm REALLY not this stupid, or am I?

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