Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Well, I started a little side job last week.. actually...it's a full time temp. job. UGH! BUT i get to work right along with Papa! (My dad) It's terrible having to be away from Hudson and Justin. I NEVER see Justin because he works swing shift and i work during the day. Justin keeps Hudson during the day then there is only a couple hours that Nana watches him until I get home. i have to remind myself.. IT'S ONLY FOR 6 WEEKS! I can do anything for 6 weeks....maybe not anything.. but this.. i can do! Just in time for Cooper to pick back up!

anyway...on to something haaappppy!! HUDSON! this boy is so cute. His new thing at night is to tell me he wants to "nuggle" meaning Snuggle!! awe. i just melt every time he says it then curls up next to me! You wouldn't believe the bliss!! it's lonely without daddy around, but it sure is awesome to have bonding time with Hudson. I'll post some pictures of last night soon. he was running around without his diaper (I LOVE IT) and i said "WOW LOOK AT THAT BELLY! and he started pooching it out! ha ha then laughing while putting his hands on his knees! He is getting to be so grown up! His expressions and things are becoming more 2-year-old-ish. No longer baby-ish! even his face is a toddler face. he has lost the baby baby face. (does that make since?)

More later... and pictures too!!! within a few days! promise

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