Tuesday, November 4, 2008

20 months young and counting!

well...Our Computer is still not fixed and the only time i have to update our blog is when I'm at Mimi and papa's house!! Gotta give the updates as quickly as possible...because everyone knows that Hudson is the fastest 20 MONTH OLD BABY!!! wait...did i just say 20 months?!?!?! Tomorrow to be exact!! Does anyone feel baby fever coming on? YEP! it's in the air! hehe maybe, not?

He is saying so much!!! I know he has a vocabulary of an easy 75 words...this boy is a chatter box...i can't imagine WHO he gets THAT from. He is starting to put sentences together too. Mimi told Hudson.."You better be careful!!" and as Mimi as my witness he said "I be careful!" Hudson can say so many different things it's hard to list.

Every night he says.. "Un a BAAAt"-- translation I want a bath! so.. its bath time for a mere 20 minutes then off to bed... umm.. let me clarify. off to MY bed and watch sprout with warm milk, blanky, and pappy in hand!! Did I say baby fever? ha I think NOT!

Well...here's the 411 on how Halloween went... Hudson was a ducky!! (I'm, again, at Mimi's and don't have camera but I will load pictures of the cutest duck I've ever seen!!!) He loved himself. at first he didn't really know if he wanted his costume on...THEN he saw himself in the mirror and couldn't keep his eyes off the "quack quack" he loved it so much he kissed himself and giggled at the duck in the mirror! FiFi was a witch and Hudson enjoyed that almost as much as he enjoyed himself in the mirror. He laughed at her and said..HAHA GiGi!!! Later on... everyone came over and it was great fun! Hudson was showing off and riding his Thomas the train for everyone to see! I've never laughed so hard at that boy. He was HYPER!!

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