Thursday, January 29, 2009

<3 Pure Love <3

Wellpp... it's official... I'm totally crazy in love with Hudson. He is the funniest little buddy I've ever met! How he is talking in complete sentences is WILD! Last night he came to me and said.. Momma, UH OH momma!!! UH OH! C'mon mommmmma! he then took me to his room where he had pushed over his Ficus tree in his room and pulled all the mossy stuff out of the bottom of the basket. when i arrived on the scene.. he started laughing really hard and jumping around thinking he had done something really funny. Annnnnd.. he was right! How could it NOT be funny when my little monkey had pushed his tree over and was jumping around laughing about it! He is such a hoot! Did I mention all this was done within a 5 minute time span? Which adds to the humor.

So, i would like to go on and on about alllllll the cute, little things that he does but i dont wanna sound like a total nerd and that's all I have to talk about...

who am i kidding? that IS all i have to talk about. PLUS this blog is all about huddy, right? there's room for one more little story..

Hudson asked me "where's my pow pow?" he said it a few times while we were looking for it..then he stops and looks at me and said "CYOSET!!!!" and went running to the hall closet! "Innear!!!" (In there) he remember, i suppose his dad put it in there- because i sure didn't) He was right...on top of the puzzels, there was his pow pow (i'm sure you know he means his gun) He doesn't forget much! smart as a whip..i would say sooo!!

I love my little budy!

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